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  • 1. What is the relationship between "Davidson's" and "" is the consumer website of Davidson's, one of the oldest and largest wholesale firearms distributors in the country.

    Launched in November of 1998 by Davidson's to actively promote the product of its suppliers and the businesses of its customers, has become a powerful source of information, jam-packed with pictures and detailed specifications on thousands of firearms from over 65 of the industry's leading manufacturers/importers.

  • 2. Do I need to pay a transfer fee when I use Gun Genie?
    You never have to pay a transfer fee. We've partnered with thousands of dealers across the country to ensure you never have to pay these fees again!
  • 3. How do I get replacement parts to my firearm?
    We suggest that you contact your manufacturer directly for replacement parts. You will want to make sure with them that your firearm is not covered by any warranty they offer before you spend any money unnecessarily. You will find a link to your manufacturer in the Shooters Connection under the Manufactures Links section. There is also a link on our home page for Gun Parts.
  • 4. How can I locate a manual to my firearm?
    All the major manufacturers have manuals available for the majority of firearms they have produced. For liability reasons, these manuals are typically available free of charge (some manufacturers charge for mailing costs) and a phone call to customer service of your firearms manufacturer will result in a manual being sent for your firearm. You will find a link to most firearm manufacturers under the Shooters Connection in the Manufactures Links section where you should be able to get contact information.
  • 5. Why is a retailer listed with the wrong phone number and/or is out of business?
    All our information on retailers comes directly from our internal database of dealers. Davidson’s sells to over 11,000 dealers in the United States and sometimes dealers go out of business or change their phone number and we don’t know right away. We would appreciate it if you email the retailer’s name and address as it appears in the Retailer Near You search and we will update our records. You can simply click on our Comments and Suggestions link or simply email us at This site is for you and your help in keeping it current is very much appreciated.
  • 6. Can I find out the history of my antique guns?
    Finding out the history of your antique guns can be fun and rewarding. We suggest trying the link on the home page to the Blue Book of Gun Values where you can find the firearm you own to get an idea of it’s value. In doing this research, you will learn about the differences in your gun compared to other guns that were manufactured in similar time periods.
  • 7. What is the value of my firearm?
    Valuing your firearms collection is easy using our Blue Book of Gun Values link. On the homepage, you will find a link to the Blue Book Publications where you can receive valuations online. If you want, you can simply purchase the Blue Book of Gun Values there and can use it at your leisure to value your firearms. Either way, it is easy, convenient and always up-to-date.
  • 8. What year was my firearm made?
    Determining the year a firearm was made is not a simple task in many cases. Sturm Ruger’s website allows you to input your serial number and tell you the year the firearm was manufactured, however this is not typical. For other manufacturers, we suggest that you follow the Blue Book of Gun Values link located on the homepage. There able to narrow down the year based on the markings and serial number and also determine the value while you are at it. In many cases, the information will be in a range of years but it will at least give you an idea of the age of your firearm. As a final resource you may want to send a letter to the factory, since they may have the resources to pinpoint the exact year You can find the manufacturers address by accessing their website, which you probably can find a link for in the Shooters Connection area of our site.
  • 9. Can I buy a firearm through the Internet? Is it possible to buy online from you?
    While it is possible to arrange a purchase using features like our revolutionary Gun Genie, you need to take physical possession of a firearm at a Federally Firearm Licensed (FFL) location. It is against the law to ship directly to the end consumer. Use Retailer Near You to find a local gun shop and you will need to pick up your firearm at their place of business. So technically, you cannot purchase a firearm on the Internet without at least having to use a licensed dealer to complete the transaction. We try to facilitate our retailers business by showing you what is available in one of this nations largest distributors inventory and allow you to arrange to purchase through our supporting dealer network. Nowhere else on the Internet can you see full color pictures with complete specifications of so many firearms, see if it is in stock, get our GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Program for comfort in your purchase, arrange for your retailer to purchase it for you, give a deposit online and get the firearm you want quickly.
  • 10. Do you export firearms to other countries?
    Currently, Davidson’s sells firearms only to firearm retailers in the United States of America and its territories, including Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and the Virgin Islands. This is largely due to the fact that the distributor agreements we sign with our manufacturers.
  • 11. How can I Register for the GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Program?
    Registering for our GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Program is easy. You can register from the DAVIDSON'S GuaranteeD page, or simply click the Program Registration link here. You will need to enter your serial number in order for us to verify that the firearm came from Davidson’s and that We’ve Got You Covered! If you received a Program card then you can mail the program card back to us if you would like to. If you didn't receive a program card you can either contact your dealer or email us at Please include your name and complete address so that we can mail a program card to you.
  • 12. How can I locate a firearms dealer who has the firearm I want?
    You can easily and conveniently arrange a purchase using our revolutionary Gun Genie. Simply click on Gun Genie button found on the homepage and follow the directions. We will guide you step by step in finding the firearm you want, locating dealers to give you a price, arrange the sale through one of Davidson’s Gold Dealers and provide you the opportunity to make sure your purchase is covered by our industry exclusive GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Program. No where else on the Internet can you see full color pictures with complete specifications of so many firearms, shop from the thousands of firearms in Davidson’s inventory, get the protection our GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Program, arrange for your retailer to purchase it for you, give a deposit online and get the firearm you want quickly.
  • 13. How often do you update your site with new products?
    Various parts of our site are updated at different times. The Gun Gallery is updated continually, when we receive product, add items or drop items from sale, they are immediately updated at the web site. Since the site is integrated with our main computer system, everything we do is available to you in real time.
  • 14. How can I find left-handed firearms?
    Finding left hand firearms on Gallery of Guns is easy! Simply go use our Gun Genie feature and click on the link that says "Left Handed models - click here ". Remember, the prices we show are "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices" and the market prices are usually much lower. Click on the Instant Quote button to acquire pricing from dealers in your area.
  • 15. Why are the prices on your site so high?
    Davidson's is a wholesaler of firearms and sells only to Federal Firearms Licensed dealers meeting our criteria as a reseller. The prices you see are only "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices" not Davidson's selling price to our dealers. However, if you see a firearm that you want to buy, you can simply use our Gun Genie feature to have a Retailer Near You price the firearm to you and arrange for you to pick it up. We require a 25% deposit based on the "Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price" that we list but it ensures that you get the firearm you want and will be credited against the transaction price.
  • 16. How can I obtain an FFL?
    To get a federal firearms license, you need to apply through your local Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms office. You will need to meet certain conditions such as a place of business, regular store hours, and stock merchandise among other requirements. Please contact your local BATF representative for more details. When you are set up with an FFL, remember that we do have a Dealer’s Only website for FFL holders. Complete the Reseller Agreement on that can be found Davidson’s Online and make sure that you send us a signed copy of your FFL so you can purchase from us as a Retailer. Find out about our Gold Dealer program which will enable you to save more on your purchases. You can contact us at 800-367-4867 and mail your FFL to Davidson’s Inc. or fax it to 928-776-0344.
  • 17. How can I view the products on your site?
    You can view the products we sell using our Gun Genie feature. Simply put in what you are looking for, submit the search, hover over the gun for more information. If you would like to see a bigger picture of the gun then click on it. If you are broad in your selection criteria like manufacturer Ruger and caliber 12 gauge, then you will get all of Ruger's 12 gauge shotguns. We have thousands of pictures so have fun and enjoy our site!
  • 18. How can I contact Davidson’s?
    Any correspondence should be sent to Davidson’s. Our fax # is 928-776-0344, and you can reach us by calling 800-367-4867. Our email is
  • 19. Can you give me a production schedule for delivery of the firearm I want?
    Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t offer a production schedule. As a distributor, we usually get answers like "it is scheduled in the next couple of months" or "it should be run this fall." As a policy, we don’t give out any expected time frames since they are usually not accurate. In many cases it serves only to get the purchasers hopes up only to get let down. The other problem is that many of the items in demand or shown as "allocated" in our searches, usually means that the product is in short supply and even if we do get some in, we can’t fill the entire demand. Some people just don’t get the chance to purchase the firearm until later shipments from the manufacturer.
  • 20. How do I get one of your catalogs mailed to me?
    Our website is our catalog. We could never keep as up-to-date on paper as we can on the web. This site is instantly updated on receipt of products and contains pictures of almost all of the firearms we sell. It allows us to keep our costs down and give you fast, reliable information!
  • 21. I have moved since I bought one of your GuaranteeD® firearms, am I still covered and how do I get my defective gun replace?
    Please don’t worry. We have retailers all over the United States. Simply use our Retailer Near You search, find one of our firearms dealers that you want to deal with, contact him and he will more than likely send the gun back to us for replacement. You may need to pay for shipping but we will get you a replacement or make arrangements to have it repaired if we don’t. Remember, we don’t have a refund policy but we will get your gun fixed if we don’t have one in stock to send you a new one. If you experience any problems finding a retailer to handle the transaction call us a 928-776-8055.
  • 22. Does your company have a policy regarding sales to law enforcement?
    We actively support current and former law enforcement customers by providing special pricing for firearms. You can find the LE/Military section on the Gun Genie page. If you have additional questions please contact us at 800-367-5855 and we would be happy to assist you.
  • 23. I can’t find the gun I am looking for using your Gun Genie. What am I doing wrong?
    There are a couple of reasons that you may not be able to find the firearm you are looking for. It may be that you are trying to be too specific in using the Gun Genie. You might simply want to use a very broad search like Ruger 12 gauge. The Gun Genie will fill in the fields if there is only one option left. For example, after selecting Ruger and 12 gauge then the Category will fill in with Long guns. The other scenario is that we may simply not carry the item. If the manufacturer you are looking for does not come up in the Gun Genie Brand selection, then we simply don’t carry that brand. Some manufacturers don’t sell to distributors since they have what we call dealer direct lines. Examples of these would be Bennelli and Kimber. In other cases Davidson’s may have elected not to carry the manufacturer for various reasons. In regards to the manufacturers we do carry, we do not always carry their entire product lines. Having said that, we do have one of the largest inventories in the country that you can look at, see if we have it in stock and arrange to purchase the product at your local Firearm Dealer.
  • 24. Does GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Program cover rusting and pitting?
    We do not program the finish on the gun, as rusting is usually the result of improper maintenance. You can find the details of what is covered by our program by clicking here for our Terms and Conditions. Normal wear and tear is not covered.
  • 25. Does this program extend to the person I may sell it to or does this program only apply to the original purchaser?
    Our program only applies to the original purchaser of the firearm as long as he/she owns it.
  • 26. In Gun Genie, what does “allocated” mean?
    An allocated item is one where the demand for it far out steps the supply of an item, therefore enabling Davidson’s to sell all receipts of the item in less than a week and many times in a matter of hours.

    If an item is "currently Allocated", it means that this item is unavailable to order online at this time. Please contact your local retailer for availability.
  • 27. What charities/organizations does Gallery of Guns donate to?
    Davidson's has contacts with over 9,000 dealers across the United States. Many of these dealers are involved in the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, North American Whitetail Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and many, many more. Correspondingly we receive literally hundreds of request for donations throughout the country. Around 1994 we decided in order to be equitable and still support these fine organizations we would limit our contributions to the chapters nearest our facility. Our local charitable contributions are quite extensive, schools, churches, the YMCA, Mothers Arms, as well as most of the conservation organizations listed above and of course the National Rifle Association.
  • 28.How do I become a Gold VIP?
    Some of our retailers who have set up an online store do not want to allow open access to their pricing and only want to give select customers that privilege. As such, they have put a restriction to require a consumer to get a password or VIP Code from them before allowing the customer to shop online. Each retailer that shows in our Retailer Near You feature that has an Online store but requires a VIP pass code, needs to be contacted individually to get the pass code for his or her particular store.
  • 29. For what reason is the item that I have looked at in the past is no longer showing in your Gun Genie?
    Our site is updated automatically. If we discontinue an item or the manufacturer discontinues and item, it is immediately removed from our web site. This would be the reason that a previously viewable item would disappear.
  • 30. How do I create an account?
    Our website does not require a login to view our inventory. A login is only required when purchasing items. When you locate an item that you would like to purchase, you will be prompted to create a Gallery of Guns account to complete your purchase transaction.