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 Term Definition Category
ABSAP Accu-Ranger Ballistics System Accu-Plex Reticle Accessory
ACCRNG Accu-Range Accessory
ALK BATT Alkaline Battery Accessory
AO Adjustable Objective Accessory
APPD Approved Accessory
ARM Armscor Ammunition
ACUBND/ACUBD AccuBond Ammunition
AMERW American Whitetail Ammunition
AC American Classic Brand
AIR Taser International Brand
AO Auto-Ordnance Brand
ARI Arsenal Inc. Brand
ARM Armscor|Rock Island Armory Brand
ATA American Tactical Imports Brand
ALUM/PNK Aluminum Pink Finish
ALUM/TURQ Aluminum Turquoise Finish
ANTQ Antique Finish Finish
AF Aluminum Frame Frame
AE Auto Ejectors Item Description
ALY Lightweight Alloy Frame Item Description
ANNV Anniversary Item Description
AXMVA Axiom Varminter Item Description
AFC Anti-Friction Coat Finish Magazine
AS Adjustable Sights Sight