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 Term Definition Category
BION Binocular Accessory
BATT Battery Accessory
BA Bolt Action Action
BBJHP Black Belt Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition
BCLOUD BlackCloud Ammunition
BJHP Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition
BLKCLOUD BlackCloud Ammunition
BLNDSE/BLNDSIDE Blindside Ammunition
BPR Browning Performance Rimfire Ammunition
BPT Browning Performance Target Ammunition
BT Boat Tail Ammunition
BTHP Boat Tail Hollow Point Ammunition
BTIP Ballistic Tip Ammunition
BUCK/BCKSHT Buckshot Ammunition
BXC Browning Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip Ammunition
BXD Browning Extra Distance Ammunition
BXP Browning Personal Defense X-Point Ammunition
BXR Browning Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip Ammunition
BAM Browning Ammunition Brand
BAR Barnes Brand
BER Bersa Brand
BND Bond Arms Brand
BRN Browning Brand
BRZ BrazTech|Rossi Brand
BSH Bushmaster Brand
BTA Beretta Brand
BTA SAKO Beretta|Sako Brand
BTA TIKKA Beretta|Tikka Brand
B Blue Finish
B/BLUE Blue/Bright Blue Finish
B/BRS Blue with Brass Receiver & Forend Cap Finish
B/CC Blue/Color Case Finish
B/CH Blue/Chrome Finish
B/DE Blue/Dark Earth Finish
B/N Blue Barrel, Nickel Plated Receiver Finish
B/N Blue/Nickel Finish
B/OD Blue/Olive Drab Finish
B/ODG Blue/OD Green Finish
B/PNK Blue/Pink Finish
B/PRP Blue/Purple Finish
B/SGC Blue with Shimmer Gold Cerakote Finish
B/SGCK Black/Shimmer Gold Cerakote Finish
B/SS Blue/Stainless Steel Finish
B/TN Blue/Tan Finish
BB Burnt Bronze Finish
BC Brush Chrome Finish
BCK Black Cerakote Finish
BFG Battlefield Green Finish
BK/GRN Black/Green Finish
BLK Black Finish
BLK/BRONZ Black/Bronze Finish
BLK/GLD Black/Gold Finish
BLK/GY Blue/Grey Finish
BLK/RD Black/Red Finish
BLK/TURQ Black/Turqoise Finish
BLUE/CAMO Blue/Camo Finish
BNZ Bronze or Bronze Anodize Finish
BRN Brown Finish
BZ Bronze Finish
BPF Black Polymer Frame Frame
BDG Black Diamondwood Grip Grip
BHWG Bull's Head Walnut Grips Grip
BLKPRL Black Synthetic Pearlite Grips Grip
BLKWD Blackwood Grip, Finish
BBL Barrel Item Description
BG Big Game Item Description
BIS Bisley Item Description
BKPKR Backpacker Item Description
BP Black Powder Item Description
B Blue Finish Magazine
BLK Black Finish Magazine
BLK BASE Black Base Plate Magazine
BLK TANGO Polymer, Black Magazine
BOLTACT Magazine for All 22M and 17HMR Bolt Actions Magazine
BP With Base Pad Magazine
BRN BASE Brown Base Plate Magazine
BSS Bright Stainless Steel Magazine
BULG Bulgarian Made Magazine
BULK Bulk Packaging Magazine
BS Bead Sight Sight
B/OD OD Green Hogue Stock Stock
BARRAC NUTMEG Barracuda Nutmeg Laminated Thumbhole Stock
BARRAC PEPPER Barracuda Pepper Laminated Thumbhole Stock
BRN LAM Brown Laminate Stock Stock