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 Term Definition Category
DPLX Duplex Accessory
DAK Double Action Kellerman Action
DEF Defender Ammunition
DGX Dangerous Game Expanding Ammunition
DVE Dove Ammunition
DBF Diamondback Firearms Brand
DDI Daniel Defense Brand
DED Double Eagle Derringer Brand
DLT Del-Ton, Inc. Brand
DPM DPMS/Panther Arms Brand
DPM PNTHR DPMS/Panther Arms Brand
DSC Davidsons Supply Company Brand
DVA Bulgarian Brand
DW Dan Wesson Brand
DIAM Nikko Stirling Diamond Brand, Accessory
DB Deep Blue Finish
DCAM Davidsons Camo Finish
DE Dark Earth Finish
DES Desert Finish
DES CAM Kings Desert Camo Finish
DT Desert Tan Finish
DTC Desert Tan Camo Finish
DA Double Action Handgun, Action
DAO Double Action Only Handgun, Action
DBM Detachable Magazine Item Description
DC Duck Commander Item Description
DCK Decocker/Decocking Button Item Description
DE Desert Eagle Item Description
DERR Derringer Item Description
DLC Diamond Like Carbon Item Description
DLX Deluxe Item Description
DRK Dark Item Description
DE TANGO Polymer, Desert Earth Magazine
DEF Officers Defender Magazine Magazine
DRUM Drum Magazine Magazine
DLCMB Dual Comb Stock
DWM Tiger Maple Durawood Synthetic Checkered Stock
DE Davidsons Exclusive Item Description