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 Term Definition Category
FD FireDot accessory
FDDPLX FireDot Duplex accessory
FDPLX Fine Duplex Accessory
FG COMP Fore Grip Compact Accessory
FG FUL Fore Grip Full Size Accessory
FLDMSTR Field Master Accessory
FS Fixed Sights Accessory
FT FT Reticle Scope Accessory
FUL Full Choke Tube Accessory
FCTRL Flight Control Ammunition
FMJ Full Metal Jacket Ammunition
FMJBT Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Ammunition
FNEB Flat Nosed Enclosed Base Ammunition
FRAG Fragmenting Ammunition
FTX Flex Tip Expanding Ammunition
FED Federal Ammunition, Brand
FED Federal Brand
FNM FNH USA | FN America Brand
FST FireStorm Brand
FW Foxy Woods Finish
F Full Choke Item Description
FED Federal Item Description
FHB Fluted Heavy Barrel Item Description
FLD Field Item Description
FLTD Fluted Barrel Item Description
FWT Featherweight Item Description
FDE FDE Floorplate Magazine
FF Flush Fit Magazine
FINGR REST (With) Finger Rest Magazine
FO Fiber Optic Sight
FS Fixed Sights Sight
FLX Black FlexTech Stock & Forend Stock