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 Term Definition Category
HMD Half Mil-Dot Accessory
HLST Holster Accessory
HOL RH Right Handed Holster Accessory
HB Hi-Brass Ammunition
HB High-Brass Ammunition
HP Hollow Point Ammunition
HTP High Terminal Performance Ammunition
HV/HIVEL High Velocity Ammunition
HVYTG Heavy Target Ammunition
HNR Hornady Ammunition, Brand
H&K Heckler & Koch Brand
H&R Harrington & Richardson Brand
HDF Honor Defense Brand
HEN Henry Repeating Arms Brand
HER Heritage Manufacturing Inc. Brand
HPT Hi-Point Firearms Brand
HOGRP Hog Reaper Pattern Finish
HOGRPR Hog Reaper Pattern Finish
HG Hogue Rubber Grip Grip
HGRP Holster Grip, Unfolds & Locks to Become Handle Grip
HB Heavy Barrel Item Description
HE Hawkeye Item Description
HG Black Hogue Overmolded Stock Item Description
HNR Hunter Item Description
HNTR Hunter Item Description
HS Heat Shield Item Description
HNDGN Expert Magazine
HRDWD Hardwood Stock