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 Term Definition Category
LED BATT LED Battery Accessory
LGRP Laser Grip Accessory
LRX LED Battery Accessory
LSGRD/LSRGRD Laser Guard Accessory
LSR STROBE Laser and Strobe Light Accessory
LVR Lever Action Action
LAWCLEAN Lawman Clean-Fire Ammunition
LC Low Recoil Ammunition
LEDLES Leadless Ammunition
LFLAT Lead Flat Nose Ammunition
LHNDCP Lite Handicap Ammunition
LVREV LEVERevolution Ammunition
LAS LaserLyte Brand
LBC Les Baer Custom Brand
LEG Legacy Sports International Brand
LEG CIT Legacy Sports Intl|Citadel Brand
LEG ESC Legacy Sports Intl|Escort Brand
LEG HOWA Legacy Sports Intl|HOWA Brand
LEG PUM Legacy Sports Intl|Puma Brand
LEU Leupold Brand
LMA Llama Brand
LAV Lavender Finish
LASER Lightweight Polymer Grips, Includes Laser Grip
LG Crimson Trace LaserGrips Grip
LAM Laminated Stock Item Description
LCI Loaded Chamber Indicator Item Description
LE Law Enforcement Item Description
LGHT Light Item Description
LGT Light Item Description
LH Left-Hand Item Description
LM LAS LaserMax Laser (LaserMax Centerfire Laser) Item Description
LMTD Limited Edition Item Description
LPA LPA Trigger System Item Description
LSR Laser Item Description
LTD Limited Edition Item Description
LW/LWT/LHWT Lightweight Item Description
LWH Low Wide Hammer Item Description
LAM Laminate Stock
LAM SCLPT Laminate Sculpted Stock Stock