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 Term Definition Category
MRD Mini Red Dot Accessory
MC Multi Choke Accessory
MD Mil Dot Reticle Scope Accessory
MILDOT/MLDT/MDOT Mil Dot Accessory
MNT Mount (for a Scope) Accessory
MOBU Mossy Oak Breakup Camo Accessory
MOD Modified Choke Tube Accessory
MAGSHK/MAGSK Mag-Shok Ammunition
MC Metal Case Ammunition
MM Millimeter Ammunition
MNGRCL Managed Recoil Ammunition
MTCHKG Matchking Ammunition
MAR Marlin Brand
MAV Maverick Arms Brand
MET Metro Arms Brand
MET AC Metro Arms|American Classic Brand Brand
MET LMA Metro Arms|Llama Brand
MGR Magnum Research Brand
MII Mossberg International Brand
MOS Mossberg Brand
MOUNTMSTR Nikko Stirling Mountmaster Brand, Accessory
M Matte Finish
M4 Max-4 Camo Finish
M5 Max-5 Camo Finish
MAX4 Camo Advantage Max-4 Finish
MOBI THUG Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Deer Thugs Logo Finish
MOBL Mossy Oak Bottomlands Finish
MOBR Mossy Oak Brush Finish
MOBU Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo Finish
MODB Mossy Oak Duck Blind Finish
MOSG Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Finish
MONOLITH Baer National Match Steel Monolith Frame Frame
MINIREV Mini Revolver Handgun
M Modified Choke Item Description
MA Massachusetts Approved Item Description
MANN Mannlicher Stock (Full Bbl Length) Item Description
MAR Marine Item Description
MATH Mathews Harmonic Damper Technology Item Description
MB Muzzlebreak Item Description
MC Multi Choke Item Description
MCH Match Item Description
MDL Model Item Description
MF Modified & Full Chokes Item Description
MK Mark Item Description
MNT Mount Item Description
MOA Minute of Angle Item Description
MS Magazine Safety Item Description
MS TRG Magazine Safety Trigger Item Description
MSR Modern Sporting Rifle Item Description
MSTR Master Item Description
MTCH Match Item Description
M Matte Finish Magazine
MAG Magazine Magazine
METL Polymer Magazine Magazine
MOS Modular Optic System Sight
MANN Mannlicher Stock
MGC Muddy Girl Camo Stock
MOO Camo Mossy Oak Obsession Pistol Grip Stock Stock
MDLR Modular Stock System Stock