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 Term Definition Category
NS Night Sights Accessory
NTRO Nitro Ammunition
NOS Nosler Ammunition, Brand
NAM North American Arms Brand
NIGHT Nikko Stirling Nighteater Brand, Accessory
NTM Nutmeg Finish
N Nickel Finish
NB Nickel Boron (Coating) Finish
NEP Neptune Finish
NIT Nitron Finish
NITRN Nitron Finish
NKL/SS Nickel/Stainless Steel Finish
N/MAG No Magazine Item Description
NATL National Item Description
NIGHT GRD Night Guard Item Description
NIL Non Internal Lock Item Description
N-MARE/NGTMARE Nightmare Item Description
NWTF National Wildlife Turkey Federation Item Description
N Nickel Finish Magazine
NS Night Sights Sight
NG Natural Gear Camo Stock
NGCAM Natural Gear Camo Stock
NTMG Nutmeg Laminate Stock Stock
NTS No Thumb Safety Item Description