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 Term Definition Category
PORRO Porro Prism Binocular Accessory
PRSM Roof Prism Binocular Accessory
PUMP Pump Action Action
PDEF Personal Defense Ammunition
PEL Pellet Ammunition
PERDEF Personal Defense Ammunition
PHES Pheasant Ammunition
PR Power-Shok Ammunition
PSP Pointed Soft Point Ammunition
PSTORM/PSTRM Prairie Strom Ammunition
PWRCRE/PWRCORE Power-Core Ammunition
PWRMX Power Max Ammunition
PWRPT Power Point Ammunition
PWRSK Power-Shok Ammunition
PLY PolyCase Ammunition, Brand
PAR Para USA Brand
PLM Palmetto State Armory Brand
POF POF-USA|Patriot Ordnance Factory Brand
PRO Pro Mag Brand
PTR PTR Industries (PTR-91) Brand
PUM Puma Brand
PRP Purple Finish
PC Polished Chrome Finish
PK Parkerized Finish
PNK Pink Finish
PNKCAMO Digital Pink Camo Polymer Frame Finish
PNKPRL Pink Pearl Finish
PONTS Pontus Camo Finish
PG Polymer Grips Grip
PNK GRIPS Pink Grips Grip
PRL Pearl Grips Grip
PST Semi-Automatic Pistol Handgun
P Police Item Description
PAT Patrol Item Description
PCTRL Picatinny Rail Item Description
PG Pistol Grip Item Description
PRED Predator Item Description
PRTD Ported Item Description
PS Power Port Pro Series Item Description
PW Pre-War Item Description
PKGD Blister Packaged Magazine
PRK Parkerized Finish Magazine
PEPPER Pepper Laminate Stock Stock
PNKMARBLE Pink Marble Finish Synthetic Checkered Stock
PRK Parkerized Stock