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 Term Definition Category
R-DOT Red Dot Accessory
RET Reticle Type Accessory
RH Right Hand Accessory
RZRBKXT Razor Boar XT Ammunition
RFLD Rifled Ammunition
RN Round Nose Ammunition
REM Remington Brand
RFD Redfield Brand
RUG Ruger Brand
RASP Raspberry Finish
RBN Robins Egg Blue Finish
RDTGS Red Tiger Stripe Finish
RED Red or Red Anodize Finish
RNBOW Rainbow Finish
RTX Realtree Xtra Finish
RTXG Realtree Xtra Green Finish
RTF2 Rough Textured Frame Frame
RASP Rasberry Grips Grip
RSWD Rosewood Grips Grip
REV Revolver Handgun
RBL Rebuilt Item Description
RC Range Certified Item Description
RD Red Dot Item Description
REP Retailer Exclusives Program Item Description
RFL Rifle Item Description
RL Top Rail Item Description
RM Rollmarked Item Description
RS Rifle Sight Sight
RL Reduced Length Stock