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 Term Definition Category
SL Silver Finish Accessory
SPOT/SCP Spotting Scope Accessory
STK Stock Accessory
S Striker Fired Action
SA Semi-Automatic Action
SBS Side by Side Shotgun Action
SNG SHT Single Shot Action
SWC Semi-Wad Cutter Ammunition
SHAND Super Handicap Ammunition
SJHP Semi Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition
SLG Slug Ammunition
SLVRTP Silver Tip Ammunition
SP Soft Point Ammunition
SP Spire Point Ammunition
SPDSHK Speed-Shok Ammunition
SPF Superformance Ammunition
SPRPHS Super Pheasant Ammunition
SST Super Shock Tipped Ammunition
STRTSHK Strut-Shok Ammunition
SWC Lead Semi Wadcutter Ammunition
SX/SUPX Super X Ammunition
SPR Speer Ammunition, Brand
S&W Smith & Wesson|Smith & Wesson Performance Center Brand
SAKO Sako Brand
SAV Savage Arms Brand
SCY SCCY Industries Brand
SIG SigSauer Brand
SLB Storm Lake Barrels Brand
SLI Streamlight Brand
SPG Springfield Armory Brand
SRF Surefire Brand
SB SCCY Blue Finish
SG Sniper Grey Finish
SBRNZ Bronze Nitron Finish
SIL Silver Finish
SNAKE Snakeskin Finish
SNW CAM Kings Snow Camo Finish
SS Stainless Steel Finish
SS/DE Stainless Steel/Dark Earth Finish
SS/LAV Stainless Steel/Lavender Finish
SS/OD Stainless Steel/Olive Drab Finish
SS/PNK Stainless Steel/Pink Finish
SS/RED Stainless Steel/Red Finish
SS/SB Stainless Steel/SCCY Blue Finish
SS/TURQ Stainless Steel/Turquoise Finish
SYN Synthetic Finish
SCN CEN Scandium Alloy Construction Frame
SA Single Action Handgun, Action
SAS SIG Anti-Snag Item Description
SC Scope Item Description
SC Sub Compact Item Description
SCLPT Sculpted Stock Item Description
SCP Scope Item Description
SE Stainless Elite Item Description
SER Service Item Description
SF Speedfeed Stock Item Description
SFTY Safety Item Description
SGL Single Item Description
SHTG Shotgun Item Description
SIL Silver Item Description
SK Skeet Choke Item Description
SLUG Slug Gun Item Description
SO Stand Off Barrel Item Description
SPART/SPARTN/SPRTN Spartan Item Description
SPL Special Item Description
SPT Sporter (Winchester) Item Description
SPT CLY Sporting Clays Item Description
STD Standard Item Description
STK Stock Item Description
SUP Super Item Description
SUP MTCH Super Match Item Description
SUPMTCH Super Match Item Description
SUPTAC Super Tactical Item Description
SUPTARG Super Target Item Description
SMOKE Smoke Finish Magazine
SS Stainless Steel Magazine
SUB COMP Sub Compact Magazine
SYN Synthetic Finish Magazine
SIGLITE Sig Sauer Night Sights Sight
SND Speedfeed Synthetic Black Stock
SWL Select Walnut Stock Stock
SYN SKEL Black Synthetic Skeletonized Stock Stock