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 Term Definition Category
WDPLX Wide Duplex Accessory
W/BATT With Battery Accessory
W/LASER With Laser Sights Accessory
W/LITH BATT With Lithium Battery Accessory
W/LOGO With Logo Accessory
W/POUCH With Pouch Accessory
W/QD Flip To Side, Quick Detach, MIL-STD-1913 Rail Mnt Accessory
W/SAW With Saw Accessory
W/STROBE With Strobe Light Accessory
WIDEDPLX Wide Duplex Accessory
WNGSHK/WNGSK Wing-Shok Ammunition
WIN Winchester Ammunition, Brand
WIN Winchester Ammunition Brand
WAL Walther, USA Brand
WBY Weatherby Brand
WRA Winchester Repeating Arms Brand
WWY Windham Weaponry Brand
WAL Walnut Finish
WBNZ Whitetail Bonz Finish
WD Wood Finish
WF Wonder Finish (Heat Treated Stainless Steel) Finish
WMD White Matte Distressed Finish
WAL GRIP Checkered Square Butt Walnut Grip Grip
WD Checkered Wood Grips Grip
WWP Wounded Warrior Engraved Wood Grips Grip
W/CASE With Case Item Description
W/CTWL With Crimson Trace White Light Item Description
W/HLSTR with Holster Item Description
W/LM LAS With LaserMax Laser (LaserMax Centerfire Laser) Item Description
W/R With Rings Item Description
W/R & S With Rings & Sights Item Description
W/RAIL With Rail Item Description
W/RINGS With Rings Item Description
W/SCP With Scope Item Description
WAL Walnut Stock Item Description
WC Wiley Clapp Item Description
WFOS Williams Fiber Optic Sights (AKA-Williams Fire Sights) Item Description
WHSKY Whiskey Item Description
WIT Witness Item Description
WS Weather Shield Item Description
WTRFOWL Waterfowl Item Description
W/EXT With Grip Extension Magazine
W/FR With Finger Rest Magazine
W/OD SL With Olive Drab Sleeve Magazine
W/SL With Sleeve Magazine
WAL SCLPT Walnut Sculpted Stock Stock
WDLD Woodland Laminate Stock Stock