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 Term Definition Category
ABSAP Accu-Ranger Ballistics System Accu-Plex Reticle Accessory
ACCRNG Accu-Range Accessory
BION Binocular Accessory
FD FireDot accessory
FDDPLX FireDot Duplex accessory
FDPLX Fine Duplex Accessory
HMD Half Mil-Dot Accessory
IDPLX Illuminated Duplex Accessory
MRD Mini Red Dot Accessory
TRPLX Triplex Accessory
WDPLX Wide Duplex Accessory
ALK BATT Alkaline Battery Accessory
AO Adjustable Objective Accessory
APPD Approved Accessory
BATT Battery Accessory
CAMO Camouflage Finish Accessory
CARB Carbine Accessory
CDS Custom Dial System Accessory
CF Center Focus Accessory
CLMP Magazine Clamp Accessory
DPLX Duplex Accessory
FG COMP Fore Grip Compact Accessory
FG FUL Fore Grip Full Size Accessory
FLDMSTR Field Master Accessory
FS Fixed Sights Accessory
FT FT Reticle Scope Accessory
FUL Full Choke Tube Accessory
GLOSS Gloss Finish Accessory
GRN Green Accessory
GRY Grey Accessory
HLST Holster Accessory
HOL RH Right Handed Holster Accessory
ICRCLPLX Illum Circle Plex Ret Accessory
IMP/CLY Improved Cylinder Choke Tube Accessory
LED BATT LED Battery Accessory
LGRP Laser Grip Accessory
LRX LED Battery Accessory
LSGRD/LSRGRD Laser Guard Accessory
LSR STROBE Laser and Strobe Light Accessory
MC Multi Choke Accessory
MD Mil Dot Reticle Scope Accessory
MILDOT/MLDT/MDOT Mil Dot Accessory
MNT Mount (for a Scope) Accessory
MOBU Mossy Oak Breakup Camo Accessory
MOD Modified Choke Tube Accessory
NS Night Sights Accessory
PORRO Porro Prism Binocular Accessory
PRSM Roof Prism Binocular Accessory
R-DOT Red Dot Accessory
RET Reticle Type Accessory
RH Right Hand Accessory
SL Silver Finish Accessory
SPOT/SCP Spotting Scope Accessory
STK Stock Accessory
TACT Tactical Accessory
TAN Tan Finish Accessory
TBR True Ballistic Range Accessory
TDOT Target Dot Accessory
TRI Tripod Accessory
VH Varmint Hunters Accessory
W/BATT With Battery Accessory
W/LASER With Laser Sights Accessory
W/LITH BATT With Lithium Battery Accessory
W/LOGO With Logo Accessory
W/POUCH With Pouch Accessory
W/QD Flip To Side, Quick Detach, MIL-STD-1913 Rail Mnt Accessory
W/SAW With Saw Accessory
W/STROBE With Strobe Light Accessory
WIDEDPLX Wide Duplex Accessory
XFUL Extra Full Choke Tube Accessory
DIAM Nikko Stirling Diamond Brand, Accessory
GAMEKG Nikko Stirling Gameking Brand, Accessory
MOUNTMSTR Nikko Stirling Mountmaster Brand, Accessory
NIGHT Nikko Stirling Nighteater Brand, Accessory
TRGTMST Nikko Stirling Targetmaster Brand, Accessory