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 Term Definition Category
FW Foxy Woods Finish
NTM Nutmeg Finish
PRP Purple Finish
SB SCCY Blue Finish
SG Sniper Grey Finish
SBRNZ Bronze Nitron Finish
2-TONE Stainless Steel Slide and Black Receiver Finish
ALUM/PNK Aluminum Pink Finish
ALUM/TURQ Aluminum Turquoise Finish
ANTQ Antique Finish Finish
B Blue Finish
B/BLUE Blue/Bright Blue Finish
B/BRS Blue with Brass Receiver & Forend Cap Finish
B/CC Blue/Color Case Finish
B/CH Blue/Chrome Finish
B/DE Blue/Dark Earth Finish
B/N Blue Barrel, Nickel Plated Receiver Finish
B/N Blue/Nickel Finish
B/OD Blue/Olive Drab Finish
B/ODG Blue/OD Green Finish
B/PNK Blue/Pink Finish
B/PRP Blue/Purple Finish
B/SGC Blue with Shimmer Gold Cerakote Finish
B/SGCK Black/Shimmer Gold Cerakote Finish
B/SS Blue/Stainless Steel Finish
B/TN Blue/Tan Finish
BB Burnt Bronze Finish
BC Brush Chrome Finish
BCK Black Cerakote Finish
BFG Battlefield Green Finish
BK/GRN Black/Green Finish
BLK Black Finish
BLK/BRONZ Black/Bronze Finish
BLK/GLD Black/Gold Finish
BLK/GY Blue/Grey Finish
BLK/RD Black/Red Finish
BLK/TURQ Black/Turqoise Finish
BLUE/CAMO Blue/Camo Finish
BNZ Bronze or Bronze Anodize Finish
BRN Brown Finish
BZ Bronze Finish
C Chrome Finish
C/M Two-Tone Brushed Chrome Frame Finish
CBA Cobalt Anodized Finish
CBFBR Carbon Fiber Finish
CC Color Case Finish
CER Cerakote Finish
CF Polymer Frame (Carbon Fiber Finish) Finish
CHTAH Cheetah Print Finish
CKBB Cerakote Burnt Bronze Finish
CKBTTG Cerakote Blue Titanium Tactical Grey Finish
CKFDE Cerakote Flat Dark Earth Finish
CKTQ Turquoise Cerakote Finish
DB Deep Blue Finish
DCAM Davidsons Camo Finish
DE Dark Earth Finish
DES Desert Finish
DES CAM Kings Desert Camo Finish
DT Desert Tan Finish
DTC Desert Tan Camo Finish
GH2 Girls Hunt 2 Finish
GLD Gold Finish
GLOSS High Gloss American Walnut Finish
GML Green Mountain Laminate Finish
GN Green Finish
GO Gore Optifade Camo Finish
GRN Green Finish
GY Grey Finish
HOGRP Hog Reaper Pattern Finish
HOGRPR Hog Reaper Pattern Finish
KB Kryptek Banshee Finish
KH Kryptek Highlander Finish
KRY Kryptek Highlander Pattern Finish
KRYNP Kryptek Neptune Finish
KT Kryptek Typhon Finish
LAV Lavender Finish
M Matte Finish
M4 Max-4 Camo Finish
M5 Max-5 Camo Finish
MAX4 Camo Advantage Max-4 Finish
MOBI THUG Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Deer Thugs Logo Finish
MOBL Mossy Oak Bottomlands Finish
MOBR Mossy Oak Brush Finish
MOBU Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo Finish
MODB Mossy Oak Duck Blind Finish
MOSG Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Finish
N Nickel Finish
NB Nickel Boron (Coating) Finish
NEP Neptune Finish
NIT Nitron Finish
NITRN Nitron Finish
NKL/SS Nickel/Stainless Steel Finish
OD Olive Drab Finish
OD GRN Olive Drab Green Finish
OD/F OD Green, Lightweight Ultra High Impact Polymer Frame Finish
ODG Olive Drab Green Finish
PC Polished Chrome Finish
PK Parkerized Finish
PNK Pink Finish
PNKCAMO Digital Pink Camo Polymer Frame Finish
PNKPRL Pink Pearl Finish
PONTS Pontus Camo Finish
RASP Raspberry Finish
RBN Robins Egg Blue Finish
RDTGS Red Tiger Stripe Finish
RED Red or Red Anodize Finish
RNBOW Rainbow Finish
RTX Realtree Xtra Finish
RTXG Realtree Xtra Green Finish
SIL Silver Finish
SNAKE Snakeskin Finish
SNW CAM Kings Snow Camo Finish
SS Stainless Steel Finish
SS/DE Stainless Steel/Dark Earth Finish
SS/LAV Stainless Steel/Lavender Finish
SS/OD Stainless Steel/Olive Drab Finish
SS/PNK Stainless Steel/Pink Finish
SS/RED Stainless Steel/Red Finish
SS/SB Stainless Steel/SCCY Blue Finish
SS/TURQ Stainless Steel/Turquoise Finish
SYN Synthetic Finish
TAN Tan Finish
THUG Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Deer Thugs Logo Finish
TITANIUM Titanium Finish
TTNM Titanium Finish
TUNC Tungsten Cerakote Finish
TURQ Turquoise Finish
URBCAM Urban Camo Finish
WAL Walnut Finish
WBNZ Whitetail Bonz Finish
WD Wood Finish
WF Wonder Finish (Heat Treated Stainless Steel) Finish
WMD White Matte Distressed Finish
BLKWD Blackwood Grip, Finish
TSG Tactical Stealth Grey Finish