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 Term Definition Category
B/OD OD Green Hogue Stock Stock
BARRAC NUTMEG Barracuda Nutmeg Laminated Thumbhole Stock
BARRAC PEPPER Barracuda Pepper Laminated Thumbhole Stock
BRN LAM Brown Laminate Stock Stock
CAMO Camouflage Stock
CLAS STK Black Synthetic Classic Stock Stock
CLS Classic Stock Stock
DLCMB Dual Comb Stock
DWM Tiger Maple Durawood Synthetic Checkered Stock
FLX Black FlexTech Stock & Forend Stock
HRDWD Hardwood Stock
LAM Laminate Stock
LAM SCLPT Laminate Sculpted Stock Stock
MANN Mannlicher Stock
MGC Muddy Girl Camo Stock
MOO Camo Mossy Oak Obsession Pistol Grip Stock Stock
NG Natural Gear Camo Stock
NGCAM Natural Gear Camo Stock
NTMG Nutmeg Laminate Stock Stock
PEPPER Pepper Laminate Stock Stock
PNKMARBLE Pink Marble Finish Synthetic Checkered Stock
PRK Parkerized Stock
RL Reduced Length Stock
SND Speedfeed Synthetic Black Stock
SWL Select Walnut Stock Stock
SYN SKEL Black Synthetic Skeletonized Stock Stock
TH Thumbhole Stock Stock
WAL SCLPT Walnut Sculpted Stock Stock
WDLD Woodland Laminate Stock Stock
MDLR Modular Stock System Stock